Optus Bundling 'Free' Broadband With Its Mobile Plans

Remember when you used to get unusual freebies as an incentive to sign up to a mobile contract? Optus does; its latest gambit to attract mobile customers is to offer "free" home broadband to those who sign up for mobile or home telephone contracts. The deal covers Optus' $89/month "Timeless Mobile Plan", which nets you the 50GB home broadband as well as an HTC One X and 2GB of data per month, for a minimum total cost of $2145.95. The business version of that plan appears identical, except that it also provides for Blackberry browsing if that's your mobile of choice.On the home phone side, the applicable product is the $59.95 "Home Advantage" plan, with unlimited local, national and 13/1300 calls; the minimum cost there is $1438.80. In both cases, if you exceed the 50GB ADSL limit, you'll be speed limited to 256Kbps for the remainder of the contract month.

So the 50GB of broadband isn't exactly "free", but it's still an interesting offer. Given the two-year term, would that be enough for you to sign up? [Optus]

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