Optus' 4G Network Is Still (Presumably) Due To Launch This Week

It'd be easy to think that Telstra's the only 4G game in town, because for now, it sort of is. Optus has run some trials in 700Mhz LTE, purchased Vividwireless and did promise that it would have a 4G network up and running around Newcastle in April 2012 while everyone got confused about what 4G actually is. Hang on. It is April 2012. What gives? That question occurred to me, so I popped an email through to Optus' Corporate Affairs department asking if April plans were still on track because, after all, there is still a week left of April. The response I got was, and I quote:

"We’re on track at the moment and we’ll be providing an update shortly."

So, if that's true, people of Newcastle, Port Stephens, the Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie, you can expect some kind of 4G Optus coverage this week, and hopefully a few shiny new devices to go with it. Probably not on Wednesday, but I'm only guessing there. Image: Cogdog

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