Optus' 4G Network Is Still (Presumably) Due To Launch This Week

It'd be easy to think that Telstra's the only 4G game in town, because for now, it sort of is. Optus has run some trials in 700Mhz LTE, purchased Vividwireless and did promise that it would have a 4G network up and running around Newcastle in April 2012 while everyone got confused about what 4G actually is. Hang on. It is April 2012. What gives? That question occurred to me, so I popped an email through to Optus' Corporate Affairs department asking if April plans were still on track because, after all, there is still a week left of April. The response I got was, and I quote:

"We’re on track at the moment and we’ll be providing an update shortly."

So, if that's true, people of Newcastle, Port Stephens, the Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie, you can expect some kind of 4G Optus coverage this week, and hopefully a few shiny new devices to go with it. Probably not on Wednesday, but I'm only guessing there. Image: Cogdog


    Bring it to my town where their damn 3G signal is hopeless.. Bloody criminals.

    So it will be really fast with dropping your reception?

    Experience Blistering fast 4G Speeds.... Disclaimer- Only available in Newcastle Metro area, limited to 1 user per base station, Sessions limited to 1 MB transfer or part thereof after which session will be terminated and tears will appear from your phones mic jack

    I'm still waiting on NORMAL PHONE RECEPTION in my area - the goddamn 'Stop Phone Towers Near Our Schools' or whatever they're called lobby group keeps fucking with things. Phone tower radiation is fucking nothing compared to the huge goddamn TV towers up the road. Guhhhhh.

    I'm about to take the leap from prepaid to plan in the coming months. I have been thinking about changing to Optus a lot because I refuse to pay out the backside with Telstra and I'm currently with Vodafone and everytime I travel to see my family in the wide bay area (QLD) I have no 3G because Vodafone has not invested money to allow 3G coverage to their paying customers! What friggen year are we in!!!!!!??!!

      You should really test out how good Optus in Wide Bay is, before you sign-up...........and I mean try it out yourself, not just swallow what their coverage map indicates !

    I got a few letters last week saying it was coming soon to the Northen Beachs area..

    Does anyone knoe what bands they will be using? like which phones should ppl look into to ensure 4G compatability

      Yeah I got the same letter about it talking about 3g upgrades and new 4g soon in Rivervale WA also

        Found the letter it says may, so im thinking 1 week unofficial testing?

      brent3000, they will be using LTE on 1800. Telstra LTE handsets will work, but I only think the SGS2 '4G' is currently the only LTE phone in AUS that has both 3G 900 (for Optus outside of metro), 3G 2100 and LTE 1800

      As well publicised the iPad '3' will not work on Optus LTE either

    I guess this is the wrong frequency range like telstra for apple 4g products.

    Incorrect all of u i work for Optus and they will be running on the 700mhz coz that's the frequency which Optus has invested in it already and will continue to roll out 4G on that frequency and my mate who is currently field testing 4G speeds in Newcastle has confirmed speeds up to 36mbps (constant) which he was testing on the galaxy s2 4G. So expect the first roll out of handsets to be the Samsung gs2 4G and TBC the htc One X .

    Jaidan is incorrect - the 700Mhz spectrum (ie old analog tv) hasn't been auctioned by the government yet


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