Of Course IKEA's Digital Camera Is Made Of Cardboard

In the press kits they distributed last week at Milan's Salone design show, IKEA included a very IKEA product: a digital camera made of cardboard. The camera, which runs on two AA batteries and can hold up to 40 images on a built-in memory stick, can be synced with a computer via the USB that swings out from its side.

It will soon be available for sale in IKEA stores — though, given IKEA's reputation for less than stellar merch, it might be wise to consider your options. [LaughingSquid via PetaPixel via Gizmodo.it]



    Very strange.. Look how small the lens is

    No, the cardboard lens is actually quite huge!

    I'm impressed someone didn't think of this before , but how is that an ikea product there is no need for the allen key ....unless it's got a bolt on tele photo lens :)

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