Nvidia's GeForce GTX 690 Is Its Face-Meltingest Video Card Yet

Be still, my spec-hungry heart. Nvidia's latest and greatest is a monster in a beautiful body. Dual GPUs, 28nm Kepler architecture, 3072 CUDA parallel processing cores, ARRGH ARRGH ARRRRRGH! This beast basically doubles the performance of the already awesome GTX 680.

But what's on the outside counts, too. Trivalent chromium-plated aluminium, a new magnesium alloy fan housing, nickel-plated fins, dual vapour chambers, and a fan that spins at 3000rpm. It's almost a shame to bury something this beautiful deep inside your computer where you can't see it. Oh, and if you really want to go nuts you can install two GeForce GTX 690s in your PC in Quad SLI Mode, giving you four GPUs working in unison.

The HTX 690 will be available starting May 3 for $US1000. That's mighty steep, but if you want your head-shots to be more headshottier, this is some serious kit. [Nvidia via PC Mag]



    hmmm... how many mega-watts this card need again?

      All of them.

        More than 9000!

      1.21 jigawatt, better put in a preorder for that Mr Fusion now.

      Compared to the 590 it's on a winner - this is rated for 300W TDP, the 590 was 365W.

        thankyou.... people just don't understand smaller architecture means same/better performance with better efficiency. This card is a winner!

        The article should also state that they will be very hard to come by as the GPU is in short supply.. The GTX680 is hard to get your hands on let alone this thing which has 2 of the same GPU's. The factory cant keep up ATM.

        Still, I Wouldn't mind jumping back on the Nvidia band wagon, AMD just don't seem to have the driver support that nvidia gets.. some games get real glitchy at times until about a month later when it gets cleared up... seems to be a CF support issue. For reference i have a 6990.

      I'm installing a wind farm in my back yard so I can play on windy days?

        Windfarms trigger local microclimate changes (new studies show, a no brainer in fact) so... be afraid, be very afraid....

    Think I'll stick with my dual 580 GTX's for the time being. Haven't found anything that actually stresses the shit out of them yet. Not worth the upgrade yet.

    /looks at 8600GT


      /looks at ATI ES1000

      *cries in the corner*

      HEY! HEY! That baby saw me through many years of success and beautiful games. He just needs to be turned into a dedicated PhysX card when you get this ok?!

    Why exactly do you need this to play all the awesome console ports the PC gets lumped with? Show me again in 12 months...maybe...

      yeah, i just love playing bf3 on low quality @ 30fps....

      i'll take a pc thanks

        Lotsa cards will eat BF3 for brekky...show me a game that needs the 690 now....

        My point is there are so few titles deserving ultra beefy video cards any more. It's not worth the cost unless you have more money than sense. So you're running BF3 at 200FPS...can your eyes tell the difference? ummmmmm...

          It really depends on if you want all ultra and have 3 x 27" 2560x1440 screens. Maybe the games dont need it but the output does. Also Get them now and you wont want to upgrade (little alone having to) for a few years.


          a 680 averages just over 60fps @ 2560 x 1600 on Ultra... arguably online in a 64 player server your minimum fps will dip well below 60fps... that's hardly eating it for breaky. a 690 would most likely give it the boost required to keep minimum frames above 60fps.

          "It’s not worth the cost unless you have more money than sense." - 100% correct

    I hope it doesn't have the same flaw as the GTX 295 dual gpu, some serious heating issue it got. Mine kicked the bucket a few months ago.

    Very pretty. Shame about the price.

      Still better price/performance than two 680's SLI'd, so if you wanted moar power than just a single 680 but didn't want to mess with SLI or had space constraints, this would fit the bill nicely.

    how long is it? (needs to fit in a itx case)

    Yer.. my Radeon 5750 is still doing quite nicely thanks.. this kinda thing is great for twitch gamers that need pretty graphics at the same time.. but I never have. I'm quite happy to lower the graphics settings to keep the FPS stable.

    I had a 4890HD a few years back that needed to use two power cables.. ended up frying my mobo and yes I had all the required cooling, extra power stuff.. just not very trusting of these bigger and better cards.. when I do eventually get a new computer (years away), I'll probably get this card as the current budget model :)

      That's very strange, as I have a 4890 in my rig that's about 4 years old now, havent had a hiccup, granted though some games need to be put on medium for the best responsiveness. Maybe just the mobo gave out or something?

        Yup.. could be.. just not too trusting of things that need that much power to run a game.. I know it's pretty much a 2nd computer inside your computer (to handle the graphics side of things) but yer.. I'd rather stick with what works :)

          I know what you mean; I'm not too trusting of all the fancy new "light bulbs" we have these days. I've had a few that burned out and stopped working suddenly, when I needed them the most. I'd rather stick with what works, like candles and gas lights.

    If its for gaming, just buy a PS3, 24 or 26 inch FHD TV and Eagle Eye (which allows you to use keyboard/mouse on a PS3). That way you can use your trusty keyboard/mouse for FPS games, with the bonus of a larger online community who uses clunky controllers hehe

      Uhm... no.. PS3's suck for screen fidelity.. most of them barely get 720p let alone 1080p.. and with PC screen resolutions of well over 1080p as a "standard", it's hard to make that PS3 (or even X360) arguement when talking about this kind of technology.

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