Now This Is How You Redesign The Pringles Can For The 21st Century

Pringles might be delicious, but its unique can-shaped packaging makes it difficult to enjoy an entire stack when your hands can't squeeze down the tube. Not exactly an Earth-shattering problem, but we're still glad there are young designers willing to tackle the issue.

The solution, which won Dohyuk Kwon a Red Dot Design Award, was the Bloom Chips concept which uses a similar tube-shaped packaging design that can open up and transform into an easily accessible snackbowl. You just remove a paper sleeve that keeps it closed for transport, and then open up the can like a blossoming flower.

While the design makes every last chip easily accessible, it also pretty much means you'll have to eat an entire can in one sitting. Because trying to close the bowl will end up crushing the remaining chips. But since not eating an entire can of Pringles at once is such a rare occurrence, we see no reason why this design shouldn't be adopted immediately. [Bloom Chips via Fast Co. Design]


    Have you tried tilting the can down towards your hand so the chips slide down?
    No need to try and jam your whole hand down the can...

    if you don't want to eat it all at once just don't remove the middle band and it works like a standard Pringles canister.

      Putting the lid back on may also do the trick... Luckily for me, I have girly hands which can easily fit into pringles cans. Woolies had pringles on sale on Monday, so I know this for sure :D... Awesome idea for sharing tho...

    I eagerly await the next generation of cantennas...

      also useful for tinfoil-hat wearers.

    If your hand is too large to fit down the tube, and you can't think of ways to extract the food.. then perhaps go to the gym and exercise or seek further education.

    Such as primary school.

      I wish you would go to the school that told you how to eat dicks.

      Oh wait, it seems you've already graduated with high honors. Gratz.

      seek further education, and realise that genetically, the bones in my hand are large, and therefore are better for punching you in the face.

    Now if there was only a way to make them taste any good...

    The title of this post should be "Once you pop, your jaw will drop"

    I always have my girlfriend handy when I have pringles

    Sorry to hijack a comments section for a completely unrelated question, but this has been playing on my sense of curiosity for a long time now.

    How do commenters here and on lifehacker-AU get custom icons next to their names? I can't see any "login" or "signup" area at all, and I've tried signing up at the US sites and still no joy. It's like you're all part of some clique and I'm not allowed to join. It's PE all over again! *runs away sobbing*

      Looks like you need a gravatar account setup (

    maybe the open can can act as a dish antenna for Gigahertz frequencies from Pringles cans?

    Is it recyclable? Reusable?

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