Nokia's Lumia Is Selling Well In The US -- But Nowhere Else

Nokia has just announced its first quarter financial results, and while the company's managing to shift its new Lumia range in the US, its performance elsewhere is less impressive -- in fact, it suffered a $US775 million dollar net loss over the period.

Nokia's US sales have "exceeded expectations", according to CEO Stephen Elop, but other markets have proved "more challenging" -- despite a huge marketing campaign. In total, Nokia sold 11.9 million smart devices during the first three months of 2012, less than half of the 24.9 million it achieved in the first three months of 2011. That's largely down to a huge decline in Symbian sales, though Nokia does say that the effect has been "partially offset by growing sales of Nokia Lumia devices."

There's no breakdown of exactly how well the Lumia range is performing, but things can only get better, especially given how well the 900 has turned out. [Nokia via The Verge]


    "Huge"? "Marketing"? "Campaign"? LOL. Maybe they should start with A marketing campaign.

      I've seen more Lumia ads than any other phone on TV these days. It's also filling magazines, newspapers, on bus stops, etc.

        Really? I watch a lot of TV in the evenings and I haven't seen a Lumia ad for a few weeks. I saw 4 or 5 ads the Sunday of the last round of the V8 Supercars in Tasmania, a couple during the race and a couple more that evening during Bones and Castle, but I haven't seen any on Channel 9 (can't get 10 where I live). Every ad I've seen was on that one day. Nokia seemed to spend a lot more money promoting the N9 than they have on the Lumia phones.

          Lumia ads are all over Sydney buses and posters.

      You havent left your house in a while?

      Lumia ads are everywhere. YouTube, buses/bus stops etc. I don't watch much TV but I've seen a few Lumia ads over time. Get up from under your rock! :--p

    When was the Lumia 900 released? I thought that was their big announcement phone wasn't it?

    I guess it doesn't really help that it's running WP7. It doesn't really have the support behind it.

      Lumia 710 and 800 were the launch devices, the 900 is out in the US but not here yet. There is also a low cost 610 in the works. Support for WP7 is more than strong enough to justify purchasing one of these. There are more than 80,000 apps available in the store, a well established music service (Zune) and with the Nokia phones you get the added bonus of their own music service and excellent turn-by-turn navigation. If there is a problem, it is the perception that there is no support. The reality is quite different.

        How many custom ROMs are there for WP?

        Quantity of apps is a poor metric. It's about quality.

          Quantity is indeed a poor metric. Something many people forget when they argue that iOS and Android have better app stores because there are more apps available. Like any system, some WP7 apps are good, others not so good. But practically all of them have a free trial mode/period so users can tell for themselves. Also, I've not heard of any malware breakouts in WP7, although that could just be because the Marketplace is relatively small...

          Custom ROMs are actually a great example of *lack* of support. There would be no need to root your phone to get ICS on it if there was sufficient support from HTC/Sony/Samsung/Google/Motorola et al. The proportion of people who actually jailbreak/root their phones is vanishingly small.

            There's community support and then there's vendor support. Lack of customer ROMs, Rooting, side loading, ect. show poor community support. There isn't a wide enough community out there to properly support these devices....

            As for vendor support. Well Nokia's track record is abysmal at best. And Microsoft are VERY non-committal right now.

            This is where my concerns would lie, knowing how Nokia treat their customers, there really does need to be a strong community out there to pick up the slack. There's a very good chance this high end device won't get upgraded to the latest version of the OS it runs. This is where I'd expect the community to step up and either provide their own iteration of the upgrade, or put significant pressure on Microsoft and Nokia to deliver the upgrade. Given how little fanfare gets given for WP devices I can't see the "pressure" happening any time soon.

              There is little-to-no XDA support for WP7, there also isn't quite the same jailbreaking community as iOS (by sheer virtue of how locked down and popular iOS is). You're right in saying Quality > Quantity of apps, but WP7 takes bronze in both categories. Many popular 1st party apps like Facebook or Twitter are poorly supported, rarely updated and many others ( Instagram, Draw Something ) avoid the platform altogether.

    A lot has to do with bias phone shop sales staff who, even if you specifically ask for a WP7 device, will still push you towards iPhone or Android.

      This. Give a salesperson an incentive to sell something, and watch the difference it makes. I never made much money in sales because I'd direct the customer to what they actually needed but my colleagues were sharks and were only too happy to promote the device that had the biggest margin or incentive attached.

      Lol what? The carrier doesn't give 2 shits what it is, as long as you sign a contract and the $ sign per month is larger. It's not like they're receiving a cheque every time they sell an iOS or Android device. They gain nothing by forcing you down a different path. Indeed, the US (the Lumia 900's most popular territory), carriers are known to favour Android because it lets them to install their own bloatware. The marketing campaign backing the Lumia 900 is larger than any Android phone's.

        Nonsense. You think carriers make the same profit on all plans, on all handsets? You think hardware providers don't give incentives to carriers to shift units of a certain model? Very naive.

    Is it really selling in the US or are sales figures receiving the marketing padding from giveaways?

    Been to several JB HIFI and TESTRA shops and every time I have overheard conversation of the sales staff trying to convince the customer to buy Android over iPhone and Windows Phone. To the point where they are lying (for example, all Android phones get every update and the iPhone doesn't, and that no one writes apps for the iPhone anymore). Cracks me up. They must get more commission for selling an Android phone.

      No, they're geeks on a crusade against 'evil' Apple and MS

      I know from working in tech retail that you're meant to provide the best outcome for your customer. For the clueless, 9 times out of 10, they'll probably be happier with an iPhone and maybe an Android device. People want what their friends have. They want to use all the same apps, collaborate on Dropbox, play games they've heard of like Draw Something/Angry Birds, so no. There is no hidden agenda with recommending other devices over Windows Phone.

      "To the point where they are lying"

      Never heard this happen in any JB and it's certainly not store policy so I think we'll file this under 'speculation and possible bullshit'

      "They must get more commission for selling an Android phone."

      Certifiably false. Telstra staff (and by extension, JB staff) do not receive a commission for selling you a phone. They do not get a bonus cheque from Apple or Google depending on their quota, so please refrain from the unsubstantiated garbage. Carriers are in the business of selling you a contract that preferably gets you coughing up more per month, regardless of what OS it runs. The extent to which they care, is how happy you are down the track and not immediately return the phone.

    I was going to hold out for the 900 but now with the news that they WON'T upgrade to windows 8 down the line... that really kills it for me. Maybe I should just get the HTC one X or whatever. Shame, I really liked the look of the Lumia :(

      You believe that is 100% fact? I bet you believed that they were all being updated yesterday with no doubt in your mind too.

      How about waiting for Microsoft to make a press release?

    How often do you change your phone? It's not as though phones just up and stop working when they stop getting updates - my n95 and n97 are still clunking along just fine in their own way. I grabbed a Lumia 800 on a 12 month plan because of the uncertainty around WP8 at the time, so I'll enjoy the system for what it is and then if necessary update to a 3rd gen Apollo WP8 phone in a year! ^_^

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