New Avengers TV Spot: Yep, Still Amazeballs

Is this new Avengers TV ad much shorter than the incredible full-length trailers that came before it? Yes. Does it reuse a lot of footage we've seen before? Absolutely. Does that mean you're over it by now?

No. Definitely not. Unless there is no joy in your heart but even then, honestly, you've got to at least dig the Hulk, right?

Movie opens May 4th. I'd recommend getting in line nowish. [ONTD via The Daily What]


    anyone else annoyed that they couldn't design some better evil army characters?....instead of something that looks straight out of 'the Mummy'....and even wearing Egyptian style head dress... WTF?!

      you should see the comic book version of the alien villians known as "Skrulls"... I wonder what you'd make of their "heroic" jawlines?

        okay - so Joss Whedon has announced that they're not Skrulls (super or otherwise), nor Kree... some sort of army more in line with Loki's alien science / magic. "Jörmungandr" then?

        I've just read about the Skrulls.

        They're a nasty bunch. is 'The Mummy' part of this franchise also???
    Not very original' evil army' designs there....jeez they even wearing the Egyptian head dress....boring!

    movie opens 25th of April champ

      Here, yes. Not for the poor Yanks, though. They have to wait.

    Needs more Kamen Rider

    Theres no shame in recycling 3d models!

    The dangers of letting someone who is easily impressed write articles.

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