Mysterious Rainbow River Of Pills Appears In China

This sewer runs along Zhengshang Road, in Zhengzhou, China. On April 21, the strangest thing happened overnight: it got covered with pill capsules. Pill capsules everywhere, gazillions of them, turning the water into a gross soup of colourful molecules.

Nobody knows what has happened. There are no pharmaceutical factories nearby. Months ago, there was a small pharmaceutical shop, but it was closed by the authorities. They think it may be a secret laboratory, but nobody knows anything about it, and the police has no leads.

It looks gross but cool. Fortunately, these capsules are biodegradable. At least, I hope they are. I'm on pills waiting for a root canal and this is what I imagine my intestines look like right now. [163 via Chinasmack]



    Am I the only one that wants to dive right in?

    ^You should think again, because those capsules are 'rich' in chromium and other cancer-causing stuffs

    This is the reason they are quickly discarded:

    Warning: don't read that article while eating, it's quite gross.

    Wouldn't surprise me if it had something to do with this:

    It seems a wholly Chinese corporate thing to just toss all your excess trash in the local river without any legal or environmental ramifications. Mr Burns would be proud.

    that doesn't look like a river, that looks more like a roadside drain or some stormwater canal...

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