'My House Got Destroyed By An F-18'

21-year-old Redditor named Devin says that her house was destroyed by the horrific F-18 plane crash on Friday. That circled wreckage above? Her crib. She took it upon herself to start an Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit to share her crazy and disturbing story.

Mashable first found Devin's AMA, which begins, as many do, with a shocking moment that changed her life: not cancer, not the death of a loved one, but a huge military aircraft literally crashing into her life.

Hi my name is Devin and I'm 21 years old. I can't even begin to wrap my mind around what has happened. Who thinks they're gonna wake up one morning then have their house destroyed by a jet?? My brother was the one who saved the pilot (Colby Smith) The amount of support I have gotten has been incredible. I decided to turn to reddit since I knew it was such a new and weird story. It's even crazier that no one died. But I guess I wanted to see how many people have had anything similar....tornado, fire, etc of their house and how did you feel? When did it get better? How was it seeing your house?

The first thing you have to ask yourself when reading this kind of post is whether or not this person is for real. Based on the evidence Devin can provide about the crash, we think there's a pretty good chance she is. Her brother was there when the F-18 crashed and was even interviewed by local ABC affiliate WVEC. She even provides a thank-you video with her brother in it that's pretty hard to refute.

Her brother's story, as she points out, was pretty remarkable. He apparently helped one of the pilots considerably and is planning to reunite with the pilot at some point in the future.

He was playing guitar hero in his room then got up to go put his contacts in. He was standing in the bathroom when the jet hit. He said it was a loud thunder noise and huge explosion and the house started shaking and the power cut off. He popped his head out of the doorway and saw his room on fire. He ran down the stairs and out the house without shoes on. Ran to my neighbor's house and then found the pilot right beside that house. That's when the pilot said he was sorry for hitting our home and my brother told him it was alright and they needed to move him to safety. There had to be a reason he got up at that precise moment to put his contacts in, it's freaky to think what would have happened to him if he decided to play one more song....

According to Devin, the Navy has them living on a pittance — especially considering they basically just destroyed her life.

They have given us an $US89 allowance a day for lodging and $US30 for food. And just a $US200 for clothing. I have so much paperwork I have to do through them and they told us yesterday that we will eventually get money back for our losses….but that could take up to two years.

The whole AMA is very long, but it's inspiring to see so many Redditors lending their support. Devin and her family are in touch with lawyers who are going to help them get the good treatment that they deserve from the US Navy. After all, their lives have been turned upside down by this mess. We're just glad they're safe. [Reddit via Mashable]


    I knew that was going to happen. Getting money out of insurance companies it hard enough. I wonder if they can sue?

      Its American, you can always sue someone.

    *ONLY* $89 a day for lodging and $30 for food?! Really? What kind of god damn mansion are they planning to stay/eat at to say that's not enough?
    Even in overpriced Australia, I can food shop for two people on a weekly budget of $70. 30x7=$210 a week. Surplus of $140 every week.
    My rent is $150 a week. 89x7=$623. Surplus of $473 every week
    Total surplus just for food/accommodation = $613 a week.
    And $200 for clothes? Jesus christ, don't even get me started on that one.

      To clarify, I sympathize with her and her brother over what's happened to their house, and I agree that of course the Navy should compensate them for the loss of valuables/trauma/etc, but what they're receiving now to temporarily live off is not "a pittance". It's roughly $43,000 a year.

        I dont think you understood...they only got $200 for clothes. Its not ongoing.

      Try getting accommodation in your local area with 0days notice and it can start getting expensive simply because of the lack of options.

    How do u price the INCONVENIENCE of not having yer own home? That's difficult. Money covering the basics is clearly not enough, you MUST be compensated above and beyond what's expected, that to me makes common sense.
    "Oh i crushed yer leg with my car? well i'll only pay for the damage to yer leg, not the inconvenience of being disabled (for awhile)!

    "My House Got Destroyed By An F-18" I wonder how many people in Iraq can claim that.

      it would probably be an amazing story to say a F-18 didn't destroy your house in Iraq "My House Didn't Get Destroyed By A F-18!" holy fuck!

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