MPAA Fears MegaUpload Will Take Its Servers And Run

The MegaUpload legal circus is beginning to reach WikiLeaks proportions of spectacle. The MPAA petitioned the court yesterday to block MegaUpload's efforts to purchase its servers back from cash-strapped hosting company Carpathia on fears that the file-sharing service would restart off-shore.

As we reported two weeks ago, server host Carpathia is losing about $US9000 a day holding MegaUpload's data and has petitioned the court for financial relief. Specifically, Carpathia has asked to be allowed to sell the servers back to MegaUpload — not just the 25 petabytes of data, but the physical servers themselves.

MPAA has petitioned the court to halt this sale. The trade group is afraid that with the physical servers in hand, MegaUpload could move its operation off-shore — beyond US jurisdiction — and to restart its operations. In today's filing, the MPAA argued:

A sale or transfer of the servers to Megaupload (or any of the defendants) would raise a significant risk that Megaupload will simply ship the servers, hard drives or other equipment — and all of the infringing content they contain — to a foreign jurisdiction and relaunch the infringing Megaupload service, which would result in untold further infringements of the MPAA members' copyrighted works. If so, the renewed criminal enterprise might be beyond any effective legal remedy.

The trade group also asserted that it owned much of the infringing copyrighted work on the servers and it therefore could not be legally sold. The MPAA said it would not be opposed if the servers were turned over to the US government. The MPAA did express "sympathy" for legitimate users and voiced its support for returning user data as long as it isn't copyrighted. [Hollywood Reporter via Ars Technica]

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    Shame this isn't happening in Arizona, its annoying me and id charge them for trolling (last article)

      I laughed so hard when I read this.

    Screw the MPAA, hope Kim gets his servers back.


        I third that. Now it takes at least 5 minutes instead of one to find a copy of something because of that damned MegaUpload case :)

    "server host Carpathia is losing about $US9000"

    Carpathian CEO, Vigo, vowed to return and bathe the world in blood. Dr Peter Venkman expressed skepticism.

      You, sir/ma'am, win this thread.

    I was in love with filesonic, but since the megaupload case they have switched off file shraing.

    I really hate the MPAA, seriously they need to change there ways, all they need to do is put all the movies and TV shows online for $0.50c per episode and $3 for a movie.

    They would make so much more money!

      MPAA members already make a huge amount of money that far exceed the amount of money the'y make via individual downloads.

      Basically every year the executives of all of the television networks in each country make their way to hollywood to negotiate the purchase of sitcoms and other series.

      For example Mythbuster is syndicated across dozens and dozens of countries. Packages for the licence to play the latest season, the early seasons etc are sold to the highest bidder. In Australia for example channel ten has consistently purchased the rights for The Simpsons. Hell they're so cheap and nasty they won't even replace the versions which they digitalised from their 1-inch video tape originals. I believe there are rights/licencing requirements that if they did this they'd be forced to repurchase the rights.

      This system is why for example Seinfeld was paid $5m an episode in the 90s. The system of copyright protection allows for almost natural monopoly to be imposed in each country. Want to watch Seinfeld then you have to watch the advert/station that has the exclusive licence to play it.

      I am sure the producers/publishers of TV shows have done the cost benefit analyst and determined that it still more profitable to maintain the status qou then to move to digital distribution.

      The only real way to cause change in the system is to simply stop watching TV. Destroy the TV networks and you basically will drive a stake into the heart of syndication.

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