Microbee Making A Comeback In All Its Z80 Glory

If you're of a certain age (I'm being polite here, but then I'm that old too, so I can), you might remember the Microbee computer in your educational institution of choice. The brand is making a comeback, but this isn't a case of selling new tech with an old badge on it. Microbee's going to sell actual Microbees, albeit with a few modern twists. The Microbee Premium Plus will, as per its web site, come in kit form with keyboard, Z80 CPU, PIO,6545 screen controller and video circuits, along with assembly instructions. It's a slighly weird hybrid nonetheless; while it'll support everything an original Microbee should (in theory) its use of a dual processor and SD card for storage (emulating the floppy drive) means it's also got some 21st century DNA in there.

If you're a retro fanatic, you may want to order quickly; it's not like a system like this is going to unseat Microsoft any time soon, so only 100 of the $399 kits will be produced. [Microbee Technology via PC & Tech Authority] Image: EasterBilby

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