Meet ForestFly, The Beauty Of HTML5

Meet ForestFly, The Beauty Of HTML5

Check out this beautiful new Facebook photo gallery visualiser that’s built entirely out of native HTML5 elements, mainly using the Canvas tag. Using web-native technologies like Canvas and HTML5 Video/Audio elements, the seamless experience blurs the lines between what’s pre-recorded and what’s being generated live.

ForestFly was created as an experiment to explore the boundaries of HTML5. With limited knowledge of Canvas, the team behind it finished the project in less than 5 days thanks to broad community knowledge and relative ease of use. You can read about the lessons they learned over at Australian developer hub,

When you try ForestFly for yourself, you should know that all the major browsers support HTML5 video and audio, but there has not been a unanimous decision made over the default supported codecs. And this is a graphics-intensive app.

So we encourage you to test in all your browsers to see how each performs. Our best results are in IE9.
Canvas is a brilliant tool with ever-increasing browser support. It allows you to easily compile static images or full blown animations without the need to install additional plugins. Though HTML5 is still relatively new, there are fantastic developer hubs all over the web, including at La La Ninja, to provide paths to the assistance you may need. Let’s explore HTML5’s power together.