Male Office Flirters Do It Out Of Boredom And Not For Sex—What?

Two studies by psychologists from the University of Surrey show that men who flirt at work don't do it with romantic intentions, but out of pure boredom. It also seems that they are emotional dimwits.

The study, presented at the British Psychological Society's annual conference, collected the answers from 200 men and women on different questions, from "Do you flirt at work?" to their job satisfaction level.

The results? According to the researchers who presented their findings at the annual conference of the British Psychological Society, "employees who are less satisfied at work may tend to become more bored and, in an attempt to make their work more enjoyable, they may opt to flirt with colleagues."

Their emotional intelligence level is low too, they added.

Surfuckingprising. [Daily Mail]

Image by Lisa S./Shutterstock

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