Mac Flashback Trojan: Find Out If You're One Of The 140,000 Still Infected

There have been fixes, both unofficial and from Apple itself, for the Flashback trojan that's been plaguing Macs these past few weeks. But of the 600,000 systems initially infected, nearly a third are still compromised. So, hopefully once and for all, here's how to make sure you're not one of them.

The first thing you need to do is to download Apple's latest security update. That will make you invulnerable to the Flashback going forward. And then, for good measure, go ahead and download F-Secure's diagnostic and removal tool, which will junk any traces of Flashback on your system.

It's a brutally simple fix, and an even easier prevention. So regardless of why you've been holding off, it's time to go make sure that Mac is healthy. [Symantec via TNW]

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