Lunchtime Deal: Telstra Turbo USB $29

As ever, older model broadband dongles get cheap if you wait long enough. For $29 including delivery, this is a fair deal, though as OzBargain commenters point out, it's showing up at similar prices through other stores later in the week. [Dick Smith via OzBargain]


    It was already $29 at JB for at least the past week or two.

    It's been $29 at Officeworks for at least 3 or 4 months, as well.

    Its $29 at

    Jb (now)
    Office works (now)
    Kmart (from Thursday)
    Coles (from Wednesday)
    Woolworths (from Wednesday)

    Is this for 200 megs, knowing Telstra.

    If you want good data limits from Telstra, buy a mobile sim. Buy a $50 recharge that gives you 3gb then with your credit buy a $49 browse plus pack. 6gb for $50 ain't to shabby when it comes to wireless

    Available for $20 from Coles!

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