Lunchtime Deal: 20% Off Good Guys Cards At Australia Post

Australia Post is currently running a special on gift cards at The Good Guys. While store cards aren't always the best way to buy actual gifts -- cold, hard cash is so much more flexible -- at a 20 per cent discount off face value, you could score yourself a bargain, especially if you haggle a little over the store price for whatever electronic gadgetry takes your fancy. [Australia Post via Lifehacker]


    This was last week, and has since disappeared.
    It was at the bottom of page 5, since has been removed from online catalogue.

    Sounds like they are going the way of Borders.

      Nope... This is this weeks deal. Actually valid today (30/4) until 13/5 - the sale that is, the cards are valid for 12 months. so technically you could hang on to them and by the latest Apple gadget at 20% off when available.. One of the best deals around for a long while. The biggest problem seem to be the knowledge of the actual deal by staff at Australia Post.
      ALSO AVAILABILITY IS POOR TO NONE. Only the biggest post offices in Brissie seem to have them, we were chasing the first thing this morning at several offices, and cards were SOLD OUT ALREADY!!!! If an office had any we bought what they had. Managed to scrape up 1200 bucks worth - now they better not go int receivership.... like Clive Peeter's and Wow.

    No, I just purchased these from Aust Post in Ipswich. They didn’t know how to process this and had to look it up, but I eventually got them for 20% off. The problem was when I went to the Good Guys store, they came up invalid/unused. Apparently they take up to 48 hours to activate. :(

    They were happy to use the Gift Cards with their best cash price, you just have to wait for the activation…still one of the best genuine offers I have seen for a while.

      Just checked the cards and looks like the balance is updated! Down I go to pick it up. Roughly about 4 hours for it to go through, but don't forget they have up to 48 hours to activate.

    Good way to get a Vita relatively cheap, WIFI only 336 from the good guys, about 270 effectively with the cheaper gift cards.

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