Low-Tech GPS Device Keeps Track Of Your Little Ones

The Chalktrail is an inexpensive bike add-on that allows artsy boys and girls to draw pretty patterns while they ride. It also doubles (perhaps unintentionally) as a low-tech GPS device to keep track of your child's every move.

Chalktrail inventor Scott Baumann, of Bellingham, Washington, says he got the idea for Chalktrail (a runaway success of a Kickstarter project, if you must know) while watching his children ride bikes and... play with chalk.

While not yet available for purchase, a deal is the works with a major toy company, and Baumann is hopeful we'll see Chalktrail on toy-store shelves in time for the Christmas holidays. [Gizmag]


    ''Low tech GPS device''...?

    There's ''a stretch'' and then there's that headline.

    By the way, Razer has had chalk trail accessories for their scooters for a few years.

    Big circles of chalk all over the driveway followed by a couple of nice trenches through the yard.. Tempting..

    If only Hansel and Gretel had access to a chalk trail, low tech GPS device, rather than the proven flawed bread crumb trail.

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