London Olympics Will Have World's Largest McDonald's Fast-Food Restaurant

The London 2012 Olympics, athletic event to top all athletic events, will be honoured with the instalment of the largest McDonald's fast-food restaurant on Earth. Seems a little ironic, no?

[Eater via FoodBeast - Images via McDonald's / Flickr]

It's a pretty impressive undertaking, with an anticipated staff of 2000.

They expect to serve 1500 satisfied customers each day.

In its limited six-week run, the restaurant estimates it will serve 60,000 Big Macs...

...and 180,000 boxes of fries!



    1500 customers, that seems a bit small?

      It says 1500 satisfied customers. The other 200,000 hated the food but ate it because there was nothing else.

    I don't really know the numbers, but 1500 customers per day seems pretty low for the 'world's largest'. maybe that's 1500 per hour?

      Yeah read the link, it's actually 1500 simultaneously. That sounds better.

        I was going to say that seemed a little odd, I work at a hungry jacks and we serve that many customers a day easily

    Update: "London Olympics will have the worlds fattest Olympians."

      I was thinking along those line to, but for the spectators. It's a little sad in that a celebration of health, fitness of physical perfection gets teamed up with an institution known for promoting and encouraging everything opposite to that.

    2000 staff serving 1500 a day, doesn't seem to be very profitable...?

    Maccas has been an Olympic sponsor for quite a while and for the last couple of Olympics at least there has been a Maccas situated in the Olympic village dining halls free for all the athletes to partake. I shouldn't worry to much about the Olympians, they burn it off pretty quickly :) .

      That's true. My wife worked in the Sydney Olympic Village kitchens in 2000 cooking food for the athletes and was surprised how many ate at McDonalds.

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