Logies Snafu Proves The Awesome Might Of Google

The big story of this year's Logie Awards wasn't the fact that Hamish Blake won the Gold Logie, but that the Herald-Sun published the results online a good 90 minutes before they were actually announced at the ceremony. What we can learn from this is not just that TV awards shows are so dull that their mistakes are more interesting than their successes, but also that Google is the most powerful player in Australian media.

Mumbrella has a detailed account of the whole situation, but here's the speedy version: the Herald Sun was given the results in advance so it could meet its deadlines for paper editions, but then screwed up and published the results online. The paper tried to blame Google, saying that the search giant had somehow gained access to its still-in-testing iPad edition and that the results story never appeared on its site prior to the announcement on the delayed TV broadcast. Google politely but firmly refuted those claims, which frankly lacked credibility given screen grabs doing the rounds throughout the evening. Seems much more likely that someone actually set the story live in one system and didn't recognise the flow-on effect.

What's interesting about this isn't the embargo screw-up: that happens all the time. It's that the Hun chose as its defence the "it wasn't us, it was Google" argument. This leads to two possible scenarios:

  • The story really was leaked through the Herald Sun's in-development iPad app, proving that the team are so keen to be featured in Google News and search results that this still-secret project has been opened up to Google's search spiders already.
  • The Herald Sun needed someone to blame, and picked Google as a recognisable brand name whose inner workings are a mystery to most people, thus hoping that its story might be momentarily believed.

The big lesson in both scenarios? Google has the power, and the Herald Sun has a lot of digital egg on its face.


Picture by Getty, via the Logies-loving team at PopSugar

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    My mum was surprised when she saw the results up before the live forecast. Saved us from watching One Direction.

    If only all the winners where published. Then no one had to sit through that train wreak of a show on the even worse train wreak of a network. Just scrap the Logies all ready. They make the all ready embarrassing Australian TV industry even more embarrassing.

      I hate train wreaks.

        That whole show wreaks of wrecks i reckon.

      * were
      * wreck
      * already (x2)

      Hnag on. We had to watch it? Like filling out the cencus or something? I didn't even know. Oh, man. I hope I don't get a fine for doing something interesting with my life that night.

        ahahahaha this. I had no idea the Logies were on. I was probably playing Starcraft.

          This, had better things to be doing.

      could not have put it better myself.

        Not this... I have a girlfriend who likes my attention and cuddles while lying on the lounge watching TV, it can't always be doco's and family guy :(

    Yes, there was always a glaring hole in their defensive story: if it wasn't posted up somewhere, then Google wouldn't have found it. It always came back to one person's error. Guess who's not getting the info in advance next year? Oh hang on, they will because the Logies need as much publicity as possible.

    How can they blame a search engine which only indexes public content? They need to take ownership of their mistakes or invent a more convincing lie. E.g. "A bug in our Content Management System made the article live too early."

    and the herald sun are now charging for access to their site (once their 2 month trial runs out).


    I see your problem, relying on the professionalism of the Herlad Sun.

    Oooooh, Google's going to eat us all while we sleep. Ooga booga wooga. Right, Hun editors?

    Until this article I didn't know that the Logies happened.

    Mmmmmm....digital egg.

    i was making a logie of my own in the toilet last night

    People still give a flying crap about the Logies?
    That silly event still runs?
    I always thought the Logies were pretty much just the old TV Week awards. Relevant only to people who read that rubbish or watch rubbish.

      Yes, some people still follow The Logies. Mostly the Packed to the Rafters, Offspring, Underbelly crowd. It showcases all the Australian talent who never made it overseas... and whatever American D-listers happen to be in the country, and flavours of the month (One Direction).

    I remember the Logies, they should replace it with the Bloggies.

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