Laser Sharks Are Coming To An Ocean Near You

You know what future? You can keep your flying cars and ray guns and sex bots (actually, scratch those last two) because the future that 1997 promised me is finally, actually happening. That's right — sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads.

Wicked Lasers is running a promotion whereby if a certain Facebook page is liked 2000 times, the company will send a team of professional divers to "attach a fully-functional Spyder 3 laser onto a live shark in the wild." Things are guaranteed to end in fits of awesome.

Of course, the page has already garnered the requisite Likes because, I mean, c'mon, laser sharks, so this will definitely be a thing. Exactly when and where this is happening is still in the air, though. The promo runs through May 27 and then the seas should get a little more deadly. Oh, and someone wins a Spyder 3 as well. [Facebook]

It will be way better than this.

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