Koalas Are Under Threat

Koalas are one of our most iconic animals, and while they're not endangered — yet — they have been listed as threatened in Queensland, New South Wales and the ACT. The ABC reports on the fate of Eastern koalas, and the numbers are kind of terrifying. In Queensland, Koala numbers have dropped by 40 per cent over the last 20 years. In New South Wales, the figures suggest the population is down by a third. There are no wild koalas at all in the ACT.

It's not quite game over for the Koala just yet; there are said to be "large" koala populations in Victoria and South Australia, although the numbers are debated. I guess it's hard to get Koalas to fill out census forms. The government's numbers indicate they're not at endangered status just yet, and That's why Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke hasn't listed them as endangered:

"In Victoria and South Australia, koalas have actually been in such high numbers they've been eating themselves out of habitat. There's what you call population control measures going on there ... like sterilisation. But in places like NSW and Queensland, their numbers have been taking a massive hit. On a species as iconic as the koala, I really don't think I could have credibly said to the Australian people, 'oh don't worry, you might not have any more in Queensland the way things are going, but you can go to South Australia if you want to see one."

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    Maybe they should stop walking across roads? Or build themselves fire-proof houses. I think the best thing is for Channel 10 to make The Bigger Loser Koala Edition and teach them all how to slow their eating down and not eat too much.

    Rather then sterilisation how about transporting them to areas where they are dwindling to bolster the population.
    We need to stop flattening their natural habitats in order to sustain the urban sprawl.

      I assume you live in a tree on a property that has had no trees cut down? Otherwise you would be a hypocrite.

    There was always enough habitat for them before we cut it down :)

      Well I guess the dominate species (humans) is thriving whilst the other is slowly going extinct. Just as mother nature has intended since life first formed on this Earth.

    A lot of them die because of Chlamydia, a good friend of mine is a Phd student and his research is on this.

    I thought it was because they peed on One Direction, possibly infecting them with Chlamydia and all the 'Directioners' were out to kill every koala on the planet as an act of revenge. Teenage girls can be so, like, spiteful and vengeful, ya know.

    They've been listed like this for some time I thought.. at least a decade.. doesn't make it any less of a thing.. but the article kind of implies that this is a new thing.

      my thoughts exactly.. i have grown up thinking this most of my life.. and i'm 27.. maybe they lied to us all those years ago

    Was to be expected if one watches how Australians cut down their rain forests ... it is really painful what they are doing here.
    At least one could house people as comfortable on much smaller sections (e.g. cutting a smaller number of trees) by using terraced houses and similar constructions. but nobody down under seems to think about an economic use of space.
    I also think that evaluating houses (price and representation) by the number of bedrooms may be nice tradition but its really obsolete. Paying for meters square of sections and space inside the home no matter how it is structured would be more realistic and make smaller sections more attractive. Who wants to share a garden with fire ants anyway?

      Sanctimonious turd, you wouldn't have a clue about what happens out in the Australian bush lands. No old growth forests with endangered flora or fauna is harvested for timber. Plantation forests are the main supply of timber or timber products in this country. Genetic disorders and chlamydia are the biggest killers of Koalas. Every state has tracts of habitat bushland set aside for wildlife, that's tens of thousands of square kilometres. Victoria and Tasmania has the largest population of Koala's by a long way. Considering the country has just come out the longest period of drought on record, and some of the biggest bush fires on record, the numbers in the Koala population were always going to be hit very hard. Why don't you take your stupid greeny ideals and shove down the "S" bend, and not down our throats. We're not as stupid as you mate.

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Tastes like chicken.

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