Is Apple Adding Siri To iMacs And MacBooks?

Apple originally touted Siri as the killer feature for the iPhone 4S, but it might not be exclusive to the phone for long. A new patent shows that iPhone users could be using Siri to control their iMac or MacBook in forthcoming versions of these machines.

It's pretty logical to assume that Apple would include Siri in future releases, and integrating it to Mac OS could be the next step, especially considering how much the Mac OS looks like iOS now. On top of that, radical changes are expected for the next line of MacBook Pros.

As far as Siri is concerned, it's still in its infancy, building its capabilities, and it's doing so on the iPhone 4S. However, Apple owns a lot of patents it doesn't actually use, and Siri was not added to the new iPad, so it might be keeping this one in its pocket for later. In fact, let's hope it does. [Ubergizmo]

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