Iris App: View Your Instagrams On Your iPad

Iris App: View Your Instagrams On Your iPad

Though Instagram finally landed on Android, there isn’t a tablet version yet. With its big, bright retina display, the iPad is the perfect venue to browse photos. Iris satisfies that need, letting you check out all your favourite filtered snapshots with Apple’s slate.

What does it do?

While you can’t actually publish photos to Instagram with Iris, you can do almost everything else. That includes perusing your feed, liking other people’s pics, and following or unfollowing users.

Why do we like it?

Many photos are meant to be viewed in a larger format. On an small screen, you miss details and nuances, and the experience isn’t as comfortable. Iris blows these photos up and lets you browse them in a simple, easy-to use app. Navigation is very clean, too. A bar on the left-hand side of the screen lets you easily shift between your home page, the most popular Instagrams, your profile and search. The only problem is, once Instagram does come to the iPad, Iris will be obsolete. But for now, it’s definitely filling in a gap.

Iris App

Download this app for: iPad, $1.99
The best: shows photos on a big, high-res display
The worst: can’t add new pics