Iran Rid Of Meddlesome Internet By August

Iran has had it up to here with the Internet — Google's easy access to information, iTunes' funelling in or Western Media, and don't even get them started on Stuxnet — all totally the Internet's fault. So, to preserve theocratic rule in the modern era, Iran is cutting off the Internet. Like, completely.

Iran has already taken steps to filter the filth of the Internet from reaching its citizens. Iranian leaders cut off VPN access before recent elections (who needs the BBC when you have state-run media?) and are currently working on their own "Clean Internet," which should be functional by August.

Well, not so much of an Internet as a National Intranet. One that would block Western influences like Google and Yahoo, replacing them with government-sanction and search engines and email. Users will be required to register with the government to obtain access. Google and Yahoo will be blacked out by May with the rest of the World Wide Web going dark by mid-summer, according to Reza Taghipour, the Iranian minister for Information and Communications Technology. [IBT via The Register - Image: Maxim Tupikov / Shutterstock

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