In The Future, Stacking Chairs Will Be Made From Liquid Wood And Look Fantastic

Traditionally, chairs that are designed to be easy to stack and store focus more on functionality than aesthetics. So thank you Calligaris for going a few extra miles with its stylish new Skin chairs providing some much needed comfort... for the eyes.

But besides spending a bit more time on the chair's physical design, Calligaris will also make the seats from a new composite biomaterial they developed called Liquid Wood. As the name implies, the material is made from plastic polymer and wood fibres. Meaning the raw materials are renewable, and the chairs can be completely recycled.

The Skin chairs could even be mass produced on the cheap, since the Liquid Wood material can be injected into molds on an automated assembly line. And while the final product is technically made of wood, when the material hardens it retains the plastic's flexibility and durability so they should stand up to a good amount of abuse. [Calligaris via Gizmag]

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