I'm Sorry, I Can't Take Your Call. I'm In My Musical Vibrating Bathtub.

I now so very much want to use that line someday. Thanks to Kohler — also home to the $6,400 toilet — if I can borrow about five thousand dollars, I'll be able to. This is the Underscore VibrAcoustic Bath, a tub with a few added extras, such as mood lights (or as Kohler puts it, "Chromatherapy") and inbuilt speakers. Lots of inbuilt speakers; the idea is that, to quote from Kohler's own page, that

"VibrAcoustic technology brings the transformative power of music into the bathroom, combining music with water for a bathing experience like no other.

With VibrAcoustic technology, you can play your favorite music, news, podcasts and more through your bath."

Podcasts? In the bath? Well, whatever floats your rubber duck, I guess.

Note: Video contains images (tastefully shot) of ladies in bathtubs, and may not be safe for all working environments)

[Kohler via The Next Web]

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