IKEA Launches Its Own Clutter-Free TV

IKEA constantly manages to churn out innovative, affordable products. The latest, however, is seeing it move directly into the technology sector: it's launching its own TV, which comes integrated into a piece of furniture to completely banish cables from your home.]

Don't hold your breath: devices won’t hit markets outside of Europe (ie Australia) until 2013.

It looks pretty sleek. Built in co-operation with China's TCL Multimedia, the unit houses an HDTV and Blu-ray/DVD player. It also features 2.1 surround sound, with the subwoofer being a wireless unit that you can place anywhere in your living room. Elsewhere, it features Wi-Fi connectivity to get you online, supports DivX HD, and comes with a raft of USB and HDMI inputs so, um, you can clutter the thing up with wires. All of which sounds great, but a lot will rest on the quality of the electronics.

Regardless, it will probably end up in many homes as a sleek, one-stop solution. It's not due to be available until 2013 in Australia, but, when it is, it should retail for around $1000 with a five-year guarantee. [IKEA via Engadget]

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    For 1000 i think you could get a better deal in jb hifi or something, the price didnt make sense, i rather deal with cable clutter thank you very much

      w/ A five year warranty?


        It does come with a five year guarantee according to there own product announcement video, I don't see why it is so hard to believe that wouldn't be the case, they clearly think they have a quality product

    Anyone have any thoughs as to how the screen quality will be with this?

    and when something goes wrong with the electronics, does one send all the furniture back to the manufacturer?

    5 year guarantee?

    Good on them . Some of the bigger brands should take a leaf out of their book. It's unacceptable to only get a 12 month warranty with some pieces of electronics that cost 2-4k.

    That looks pretty good, as a one stop shop integrated entertainment unit. It better be region unlocked.

    2.1 surround sound... what?

      I was thinking the same. 2 is not surround. 2 = stereo.

    That no look catch was the best thing I have seen on the internet all day.

    I just logged on

    Will I have to assemble it myself?

    Can't wait to see what the IKEA Hackers can come up with.

    Imagine the instruction manual for putting together the TV from flatpack.. Plug resistor 78 into motherboard slot 10512.

    Everyone makes fun of the Uppleva kids. Even I do. I just hate them so much

    If it didn't look so naff and had a decent screen... i bet the screen is something like you get in a 'Bauhn' from Aldi... ie. total shit

    Assemblies going to be a bitch...

    I've never put a TV together from individual component parts. This will be fun!

    That woman's accent is adorable.

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