IKEA Australia Is Exchanging Left-Handed Allen Keys For... Right-Handed Ones

Man, I had no idea Allen keys came in left and right-handed models! Being a lefty, I've toiled for years putting an assortment of desks and cabinets together using the wrong tool! As soon as I've finished this post, I'll be taking the tram to IKEA Richmond so I can spend my life savings on left-handed Allen keys, after which I will surely be the undisputed king of tools.

Click the image for a larger version.

If somehow my incredulous italicising failed to get the message across, this is clearly an April Fools' gag from IKEA Australia. Lefties do benefit from certain implements being designed with us in mind -- scissors, can openers, note books (the paper kind) and mice being just a few -- though the Allen key is definitely not among them.

I'm not sure where this poster appeared originally, so if you've seen it in the wild, please let us know the when and where in the comments.

Update: As has been kindly pointed out (and obvious by looking at the bottom of the image), this was published on April 1 (surprise!) in WA's Sunday Times.

[IKEA Hackers]


    According to the picture posted, it appeared on page 8 of the Sunday Times (of Western Australia) on the first of April 2012.

    Did Logan not look at it?

      Well, there you go. I did totally miss that. I spent most of my time looking at a cropped version, which unfortunately left that important piece of info out. :P

        Wow, you had a 'cropped' version of the pic as well as the 'uncropped' version you put in the article? How unlucky for you. Guess you can't explain away the fact that it mentions the date April 1st TWICE in the article you spent "most of your time" looking at? :D

          Update: As has been kindly pointed out (and obvious by looking at the bottom of the image), this was published on April 1 (surprise!) in WA’s Sunday Times.

    Makes me wonder how many gullible people have actually gone in to a store to swap.

      But there is then also people who would go for the hell of it, or just for a laugh.

        yeah after all... who from head office (ikea) would phone every store to tell them to expect lots of people to ask for the left handed allen keys.

    It was placed in a number of papers and online .... here's an image from the online version:

    This makes the wonder about the quality of journalism on this website.

      Get off your high horse and have a laugh with the rest of us!

        I did have a laugh at this... on April Fool's.

    WA Sundays times... This is probably the most intelligent piece of information ever published in that newspaper.
    And if you're wondering what kind of idiot would fall for that sort of prank- well basically your average Sunday times reader fits the bill pretty nicely :)

    April 1st. Still getting fools a week later.

    Are commenters getting more and more snarky around here? Not sure if they issue flame-suits to the guys on the Gizmodo team... and I know they've got thick skin anyway. But geez, it's starting to feel like you take your life in your hands every time you say something around here... either as a staff writer or a commenter. Loosen up folks.


      What's with all the anti-Giz rants all the time? If you don't like Gizmodo then don't log into www.gizmodo.com.au.

    Geez, stop reading Giz if you hate it so much. No one is forcing you to douche bags. Go look at yourself in the mirror and punch yourself in the face

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