IKEA Australia Is Exchanging Left-Handed Allen Keys For... Right-Handed Ones

Man, I had no idea Allen keys came in left and right-handed models! Being a lefty, I've toiled for years putting an assortment of desks and cabinets together using the wrong tool! As soon as I've finished this post, I'll be taking the tram to IKEA Richmond so I can spend my life savings on left-handed Allen keys, after which I will surely be the undisputed king of tools.

Click the image for a larger version.

If somehow my incredulous italicising failed to get the message across, this is clearly an April Fools' gag from IKEA Australia. Lefties do benefit from certain implements being designed with us in mind — scissors, can openers, note books (the paper kind) and mice being just a few — though the Allen key is definitely not among them.

I'm not sure where this poster appeared originally, so if you've seen it in the wild, please let us know the when and where in the comments.

Update: As has been kindly pointed out (and obvious by looking at the bottom of the image), this was published on April 1 (surprise!) in WA's Sunday Times.

[IKEA Hackers]

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