iiNet's KittyCam Combines Cat Rescue And Cute, But Kills My Desire To Actually Do Any Work

It's Friday, right? Well, I think my productivity for the day just crashed, thanks to iiNet's live Kittycam. It's like they know what the internet wants! On a more serious note, iiNet's not only promoting its Freezone offerings; it's also linking to a Western Australian cat welfare group. Which means that it's a perfect way for me to remind folks that while cats are awesome animals, abandoned or feral cats are significantly less so — so don't do it.

Now, you don't have to click this link. I'll just leave it here so that you know it's here. It apparently only runs until 5pm today, so I may get some work done after that. Purrhaps.

Update: Nope, they've extended it until tomorrow afternoon at the very least. [iiNet Kittycam]

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