If YouTube Were Invented In The 90s, It Would Have Worked Like This

What if the YouTube we know and love had been invented in the 1990s? The video is the latest in a series of similarly themed visions of retro-trech showcasing Twitter, Facebook and Google, among others.

This time around, the lovely overacting voiceover artist explains the "Digital Online TV Station" and the wonders of FLV compression. It's the wave of the future, er, the past. [YouTube via Viral Viral Videos]


    I dunno, it seems like somtimes were going backwards mp3's worse than cd's and is it just me but when I first bought a HDTV maybe 5 or 6 years ago there actually was HD content but now even so called HD content is so compressed because of extra channels of constant infocomerials and entire channels devoted to repeats of big bang theory and family guy

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