If You Order 1050 Slices Of Bacon, Burger King Will Comply

You don't have to be a doctor to know that eating hundreds of strips of bacon at a time can't possibly be good for your health. A reporter for Japan's Rocket News 24 obviously didn't get that memo; he ordered a burger from Burger King with 1050 slices on top.

You see, the fast food franchise is currently running a promotion that lets you tack on 15 strips of back for about $US1.25, or, in this case, over a thousand for about $US90. The greasy, glistening burger must have been quite physically taxing, because by the time he (spoiler alert) gave up, he was glowing with sweat and had only demolished about half of it. Then again, in this case, "half" is about 500 slices of bacon.

If you're in Japan, you can order one of these too, if your arteries can take the punishment. [RocketNews24 via Geekologie]


    How is that thing even standing?

      Grease congealed into a sort of glue.

    That looks very different to the "bacon" I last had at Hungry Jacks - but that would have been 10 years ago.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Gee, i was so interested in how long ago you stopped eating hungry jacks.

      Thankyou, for sharing that heartwarming story.

    The pure fact that they are offering 15 slices of bacon compared to 1 slice here in oz is staggering. Not sure how health authorities allow something like that

      They treat people like grown-ups and expect them to take responsibility of their own health?

        No. They pay for their own health care in the US, so the authorities don't care.

        Here, every health issue becomes a taxpayer issue becomes a political issue becomes a vote-buying exercise.

          What does the US have to do with Japan?


    The bacon used is american style bacon. It is cut very thin and is shorter than Australian bacon. 15 strips when cooked would be about 2 and at max 3 middle rashers here.

    This is just stupid. What a terrible waste of money for something that would destroy your bowels haha.. god.

    Wow! The Japanese work culture still amazes me! Here at Maccas they still struggle and ultimately fail at getting one piece of bacon between the two halves of the mcmuffin, but in typical Japanese style, these guys have managed to handle an unusual order, wrap it specially, and still have it stand up on its own! Impressed!

    Israel has the same deal but with falafels.

    He wouldn't make it through a "Supersize me" effort , the look on his face at the end was priceless :)

    There was a promotion back in 2010 (also from Burger King) where they tested internet ordering (build the burger then pick it up pre-made). The problem was that the tool for 'building' the burger was so poorly designed that you could remove almost everything and pay $5 USD for a smear of mustard on wrapping paper... Conversely, you could just keep adding 50c beef patties with no limit until you broke your browser.

    Some adventurous goons created and ate the "Noah's Ark Burger" with 2x fish, chicken, beef patties and bacon strips (2 of every animal).


    One time my mates and I walked into Maccas and asked for a McFlurry with bacon - they did it

    Oh the Japanese, what will they have next?

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