How To Take Better Pictures: Tips From A Skateboard Photographer

The art of taking photos of skateboarders is a rich tradition, full of sublime manoeuvres and scenes of epic urban shredding. But it's not easy! Not any kid with a fisheye lens can make magazine-worthy images without some know-how. And if you can shoot an ollie well, you can shoot anything.

Here to share his wisdom Michael Burnett, photographer whose work has graced the pages of many a Thrasher magazine. In these videos published by The Ride Channel, Burnett offers up some sound composition tips that can enlighten any type of budding photographer. [YouTube via PetaPixel]


    Sometimes it helps to do this with good skaters or just not risk your expensive camera LOL there's nothing like being hit by a board when you don't lnow where they go when bailing out(yes I skated ramp-street-vert etc) so I'm not kidding when I say this I recently turned up to a small complex and had to dodge "hacking and scooters" for my limbs and my camera so be warned" some people will do anything to be on film !"
    That said good tips regardless of action style :)

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