How The Google Glasses Actually Look In Real Life (Hint: Not Good)

Here's Google cofounder Sergey Brin demonstrating how the Google glasses actually look when used by a real human instead of a model. Awkward.

Hopefully, if the glasses ever becomes a reality, they would be invisible parts is real glasses, because there's no way I'm going to put these on and look like a space douchebag from the 26th century. Brin could star next to John Travolta in Staying Alive wearing this thing instead of a headband. Which is is what the Google glasses may become: the headband for the internet generation, the gadget that will turn every willing fandroid into the nerd version of Tony Manero. A Tony Manero who can't dance.

Here is another photo with Robert Scoble. Notice how the overhead shadow makes them look like real big glasses, which is actually not bad. But it's an illusion, since you still have that projector floating on the left. Sergey, reduce the projector, put these in Ray-Bans and then we can talk. [Google+ via Business Insider]

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