How Google Glasses Will Work For Prescription Glasses Wearers

Google's new HUD glasses are official, even if they don't look that great on. But since they've been announced, those who currently wear glasses have no doubt been wondering if they'll ever work for them.

Fortunately, it sounds like Google has been thinking about that, too. One of the Project Glass team, Isabelle Olsson , explained on Google+:

"We ideally want Project Glass to work for everyone, and we're experimenting with designs that are meant to be extendable to different types of frames. Many of our team members wear glasses, too, so it's definitely something we're thinking about."

One major difficulty here is projecting content onto a wide range of prescription lenses without distortion. While that might sound easy, it will require either standardised prescription lens design, or some impressive adaptability from the projector. There's also the problem of widely varying frames to take into account.

It's not obvious how Google is planning to tackle the problem of making the HUD system work with prescription glasses, but it has offered up this mock-up of what they might look like. Just as awful as the normal ones! [Google via Engadget]



    When attached to regular glasses they dont look stupid. I hated those nose pitchers they showed in the original press release... They certainly were the Bluetooth earpiece of 2012

    I think that the visually gifted amongst us will have to get some zero magnification glasses for these puppies so they don't look like total tools...

      What about the use with sunglasses? If there are going to be uses for the glasses outside, one would be wearing sunnys to protect thair eyes from UV radiation from our sun.

    Can I get one for my motorbike helmet?

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