Hi, My Name Is Molly, And I’m Addicted To Browser Tabs

Hi, My Name Is Molly, And I’m Addicted To Browser Tabs

We need to talk about my addiction to opening browser tabs. And leaving them open. Because maybe it’s your addiction, too. Right now I have 16 tabs open, of which four are actively being used. The remaining 12 are split between a) pages I need to reference for something I’m not working on right now and I don’t want to close them because then I’ll forget b) pages I think I’m about to need but in reality probably will not.

If my honest assessment of the situation has you thinking it’s not really that big a deal, reader, you are wrong.

Pages are constantly going unresponsive, constantly freezing up, Chrome is constantly asking me whether I’d like to kill a page — or a few — or wait it out. I always wait.

Of course, this tab situation is replicated in my application use, too. And all the applications running freeze things up even more. Uggk! It’s a nightmare.

Here is what I want to know: Do you do this, too? Is there a program like Freedom that will cap my tab activity at, say, a perfectly reasonable seven-tab maximum? I know it’s bad for me, but I need help to stop. Leave suggestions or share your own stories in the comments, pleeeease.

Image: bioraven/Shutterstock