Here's Your Woz For The Upcoming Steve Jobs Biopic

And we have a Woz! Sam Gad, current star of the Broadway musical Book of Mormon will play Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak alongside Ashton Kutcher, who's been cast as Steve Jobs, in the upcoming biopic Jobs: Get Inspired.

Acting chops aside, if we're scoring these choices based on appearance alone, the casting agents didn't do a bad job. Woz has a pretty… let's say, unique face, and Gad's mug stacks up.

The movie will focus on Jobs between the 1971-2000, just after his return to Apple. Since the early years will likely big a big part of the film, Gad's role will probably be an important one. That said, choosing Kelso to play Steve Jobs is a laughable and the title is hilariously cheesy, so this might be one awesomely bad flick. [Hollywood Reporter via AppleInsider via Cult of Mac]

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