Hawaiian Shirt Commando Tests Knives Against Frozen Pig Skull

Here at Gizmodo, we like to think we put our reviewed products through a rigorous, real-life evaluation. That's one way of doing it. Or, you can test a device by attacking frozen animal corpses while wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

This man, our representative from renowned animal-mauling knife-forger ColdSteel, is sporting some very aggressive shorts, isn't he? But you don't want pants to get in the way of flesh-hacking, especially when you have "uncommonly strong hands" he like does.

He claims inspiration from an episode of The Walking Dead, but the last time we watched that show it was just a bunch of people sitting around in a church looking worried — no action! Plenty of action here. Head-stabbing action. When was the last time you tested the skull-piercing capability of your knife? When was the last time you swung your machete against a frosty cow's head? Did you get an inch of penetration? Did you slice right through? This man needs not ask himself any of these questions, for his gear is battle tested. [ColdSteel via Military.com]

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