Hate Mosquito Bites? Building Up An Immunity Requires About 15,000 Bites Per Year

Meet Steve Schutz. Some might say he's very dedicated to his work. But others would call him downright crazy. You see Steve works in an insectarium, a place where mosquitos are born and raised. And to ensure its residents are well-fed and propagate, he serves up his bare arm once a week for dinner.

As a result, after a feeding the 50 red welts on his lower arm barely even register as a slight tingle since Steve has built up an immunity to the mosquito's saliva. Over the past 12 years he's been bitten over 150,000 times, since the warm fresh blood is basically what the insects feed on out in the wild. And it's just a heck of a lot easier than preparing 50 tiny insect-sized baby bottles full of blood. But it's all in the name of science, since the lab where Steve works studies the effects of pesticides on the bugs, to test if, and how quickly, they become resistant. [Contra Costa Times via Discoblog via Geekosystem]


    I used to itch badly from mosquito bites but in recent years they have stopped bothering me including no itching or swelling. I never kept track of how many bites I had per year though.

    I get bitten. It gets swollen and itchy for about half an hour and then goes away.

    Or, you know, if you didn't fancy 150000 mosquito bites you just use a mosquito coil, just another option.

      You can get citronella stickers or wristbands. I think they are in camping stores. They last 2xdays each.

    Ive done this, though the cages were much bigger and it involved lying a leg on top of the cage for about half an hour. The skin swells up in a large red contact area that they could get to. I once put a smiley face template in between and got myself a temp tattoo from them! It itches like buggery while they are feeding, but you have to stay still so they can feed.

    when i first moved to an area in tropical north QLD with many tidal areas and mangroves and lots of mosquitoes i used to notice it allot and couldnt stand it. now i hardly get a mark and dont notice it at all unless one bites somewhere like the back of my ankle.

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