Hanging Chandelier Blossoms Like An Inverted Flower

You don't often think of a large decorative chandelier as being a bona-fide gadget. But the hanging veins on Denise Hachinger's Kronleuchter — or crown light — raise and lower at your beckoning to focus the light or cast an ambient glow in the room.

The clear veins are illuminated with a thin light source along their edge, using the total internal refraction trick so the light appears diffused at all times. The design also allows the chandelier to focus most of its light downward when it's closed, for drawing attention to a dining table for example. Or illuminating an entire room when the veins have been lifted open. Ironic since it's usually the light that causes a flower to open, not the flower opening to reveal the light.

[Denise M. Hachinger via MoCo Loco]

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