HandiZoom: Control Your DSLR Like A True Video Camera

Learning to shoot video with a DSLR after years of using traditional video cameras can be an awkward transition. One feature yet absent from DLSRs is a controlled zoom mechanism. Zooming manually not only produces an entirely different feel to a shot, it also requires the use of an additional hand, besides the one holding the camera.

The HandiZoom attempts to solve this problem by providing electronic zoom control and an ergonomic grip on the side of your DSLR. Long-time videographers who've made the transition to DSLRs over the years can miss the feel of their hand strapped in securely with a zoom rocker under my fingertips. This brings back that familiar touch.

However, HandiZoom's just a prototype, one that looks like it could easily fail since so much depends on usability and build. You need to have rail system to mount the device on. And it must be powered by an external battery, making your setup significantly more cumbersome.

There's no pricing information available on HandiZoom yet, but it will be showing at NAB 2012. Hopefully we'll know then whether it feels as good as it looks. [DSLR News Shooter]

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