Google Play Starts Offering Movies In Australia

The Google Play brand looked rather pointless when it first rolled out in Australia, since it offered neither movies nor music. Google has now rolled out movie rentals for Australian customers,

Rented movies can be watched via your browser, or through dedicated Android phone and tablet apps. New release HD movies are $6.99; new release standard definition titles are $5.99; older library titles are $4.99 in HD or $3.99 in standard definition. Once you rent a movie, you have 30 days to start watching it, and then must finish watching within 30 hours. You can also download movies to your device, so you can watch them without a connection.

Rent thousands of full-length Aussie and global films on Google Play and YouTube [Google Australia Blog]


    Why is there a movie titled MILF on there?...


      Why is it terrible? The movie studios dont want you to be bale to download and keep the movie. If your rooted you can grab the file.
      also smashing your head on the keyboard should solve the Caps lock thing :P

        Odds are that people who want to uh, let's say "do more", with these films already have a preferred way to do so, and wouldn't be willing to pay for the film even once via this service.

          Exactly. If ur willing to pay for it and u r the type of person who goes to the effort to root ur phone u would rent for the convenience not to 'do more' ...they only missing because if the convenience is not there then the other option is the do more one

      Thats what happens lol Not that it matters much, its too easy to get a movie onto your phone through other means

      Just reflash stock firmware again, root, remove the shitty carrier apps, unroot with the stock kernel. How'd I do? =p

    Still cheaper to hire the physical copy on Blu-Ray and save your download cap. When will digital be cheaper than physical?

    i think it's great I can now download it and watch it on my Samsung tv via dlna , nice now for books and music in Australia and I'm all set to sell my iPad and get a galaxy tab

    The ACCC should take this to court over pricing... I bet the same movies are not that expensive in US and they distribute them in the same way.... so over these things being over priced and they wonder why no one takes em up... netflix all the way...

      Just had a look at that. iTunes with a US account still cheaper...when available to rent (The Smurfs wasn't in eh US iTunes for example). Australian iTunes has obviously been targeted by Google as Google has undercut the pricing. Still cheaper to get it through US iTunes though. For those of us TRYING to do the right thing by the content creators it anyway.

    These prices would be pretty expensive if you were *buying* the movie. For rental prices, they're insane.

    That's a pretty high rental fee. I'd rather wait till Tuesday and get an overnighter DVD at my local for $2.

    Looks like Google copied Sony's Video Unlimited... prices and all.
    Still, I have been known to use Video Unlimited on those occasions when I couldn't arsed going to the video shop. I guess I now have another option. Sorry Blockbuster.

    I feel it's too expensive. And why only rentals and not purchases?

    Shocking prices, just like Sony's.
    You can buy bluray films from Amazon UK for about $13 FFS!
    Make the damn online rental market more viable and cost effective instead of charging these ridiculous prices that's not far off BUYING the physical bluray.

    does anyone know if these movies are 1080p? 720p? low res?
    it's great to have another option for renting movies if it is 1080p. the selection on itunes is pretty poor.

      That's what I'm wondering. I went to check out an "HD" film, but there's no mention of resolution or sound format. I'm guessing they are probably only 720p with stereo sound?

        i clicked around and couldn't find any movies for $6.99 or any mention of resolution either. looks like something i would definitely use and the selection is quite reasonable. still, for $6, it's not a huge gamble to test it out. if anyone has tried it, can you let us know what you find? cheers.

    why not just buy from US iTunes store? Its cheaper..

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