Google+ Gets A Simple And Beautiful Design Overhaul

Google+ just got a total overhaul to its already pretty design. The layout, navigation and features have all been updated and beautified. It actually looks pretty good.

First, navigation. There's a new navigation ribbon on the left side of Google+ with draggable icons for for your profile, photos, hangouts and other Google+ apps. Google's also emphasised sharing large photos and videos, from anywhere on Google -- YouTube, search, etc. And there's a new Hangouts page so you don't have to set them up specifically or haphazardly bump into them in your stream. There's also a new Twitter-like trending box in the upper right corner of your homescreen, which ties into the full-network-trending Explore page.

No one's ever questioned that Google+ is a well-designed, thoughtful social network -- it's just been a matter of getting butts in the seats. If Google's really serious about making this redesign apparent in all facets of using anything Google, this might make that happen. [Google]


    Agreed! One of the few updates i like (i don't like change!). :)

    Wow.. how much did Telstra pay to purchase 2 advertising spots on this page and reskin the entire background?

      A lot more than I paid to install Ad Block Plus so I didn't have to see it. Without it this site would be unbearable.

        +1 I already have Ad Block Plus installed so didnt even know there was advertising on this page.

    I just installed APB... Can still see the background image in Chrome, the adds themselves are just loading icons tho.

    Don't really get why people care so much about the ads, if you don't want the product then don't buy it. If you dislike the commercial society we live in then I'm afraid that's happening regardless of wether you acknowledge it or not. In any case, you might see something you like. If it really worries you, I know of several places that hand out free stress balls, using one of those while you surf the net could save you some money on ABP.

    Only one actual comment about G+....
    Now onto more important things - Ads on Giz.


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