Gizmodo Asks Raaj Menon About His Geek Origins

Gizmodo Asks Raaj Menon About His Geek Origins

If you’ve used a Billion or FRITZ!Box Router in Australia, or charged or held things with a PADACs product, you’ve used some of Raaj Menon’s work. He’s the uber-geek behind the local distributor, as well as a man who moved house to take advantage of the NBN. But how did he get his geek start?

Gizmodo is traversing the interwebs to chat with geeky celebrities who we’ve always wanted to meet — for this new series sponsored by developer hub,La La Ninja.

Raaj’s story is a fascinating one, and he’s definitely a hardcore geek, whether it’s planes, smartphones, a radio station run out of his South Australian home or a simple desire for speed in all its forms. He’s a self-confessed “devourer” of technology gadgets as well — a real geek’s geek.

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