Gizmodo Asks Dan Ilic About His Geek Origins

You probably know Dan Ilic best from TV's Hungry Beast. He's a comedian, filmmaker and — according to his website — rabble-rouser; at least unofficially. But did you know he’s had a long association with tech? From Amstrads and working for an Apple reseller to crashing parties in America – we check in on Dan’s light bulb moment.

Gizmodo is traversing the interwebs to chat with geeky celebrities who we’ve always wanted to meet — for this new series sponsored by developer hub, La La Ninja.

I've got a lot of respect for Dan's position on curiosity; there's many innovations and ideas we simply wouldn't have today without somebody, somewhere throwing a little caution to the wind and just going for it. I'm also a little jealous of how effortlessly funny he is in person; I wish I could do that.

Have a suggestion for who we should chat with next? Let us know below!

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