Genius Artist Recreates 15th-Century Portraits In Aeroplane Toilet

Innovators: they walk among us, work near us, and sit in the seat across the aisle on aeroplanes. Though typical solutions to making a long flight go by faster include reading, watching movies, listening to music or sleeping, pioneers like artist Nina Katchadourian aspire to a higher-minded way of easing the monotony: recreating art. In the bathroom. With toilet paper.

On a 14-hour trek from San Francisco to Auckland, Katchadourian guessed that she'd be left with periods where few people were using the facilities. Over the course of several trips to the bathroom, she adorned herself with paper towels and snapped self-portraits in the same style of Flemish Renaissance portraits. If these look familiar, it's probably because you've seen pieces of fine art just like them hanging in the best museums in the world, like the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The spontaneous series is entitled Lavatory Self-Portraits in the Flemish Style, and reminds us that while we're awkwardly manoeuvring around flight attendants, waiting in line to use the teeny tiny john, the person inside could be creating a work of genius. Check out her website for the full collection. [Flavorwire via PetaPixel]

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