New Android Apps: Generate Memes, Force Yourself To Wake Up And More

New Android Apps: Generate Memes, Force Yourself To Wake Up And More

Memes, notes and alarms to keep you on top of your game are coming at you in this week’s best Android apps. With a crafty alarm clock, a handy note taking tool, you’ll have all the help you need in taking care of your business.

Morning Routine: You know how easy it is to sleep through your alarm or to hit snooze over and over until you’re dangerously late for work. But Morning Routine prevents this from happening with its scanning clock. It won’t flip off until you’ve for example, scanned the milk cartoon, possibly the only effective use of QR codes. You can also set it to play your favourite radio station so the tunes you like are the first sounds you hear to start your day. Free

Fetchnotes: If you’re a busy person, chances are you have a lot of tasks and lists to keep track of. Fetchnotes lets you quickly jot down notes, saving as you go, organising your scribbles automatically. Type a hashtag anywhere on the document and it will group it with similar files. Free

Generate All the Memes: With various templates and images, you can make your own memes on this app. It includes more than 130 memes that you can customise to your liking, and it works offline as well. Free

One Touch Drawing: This is a brain-teasing app that helps you keep your mind sharp while you pass the time. It challenges you to draw various figures without picking up your finger or sketching more than one line, and it gets harder the longer you play. Free