For Your Next Holiday, Book A Night In One Of These Lovely Shipping Containers

Lately, a lot of energy has been put into coming up with unconventional ways to use shipping containers. Funny, that. The latest comes from a British company called Snoozebox whose modular, portable, two-tier hotel can be set up in just 48 hours.

Snoozebox's climate-controlled rooms feature a double bed, bathroom, flat screen TV, free Wi-Fi, two power outlets, a safe, and key card entry — and maid service and a continental breakfast are complimentary with your stay. There are four rooms to a container (has such a sentence been written ever before?) and the hotel — which brings with it its own staff — can be configured in arrangements of anywhere between 40 and 400 rooms.

Snoozebox suggests its ideal clients could be music festival organisers, race-car teams, or overbook hotels who do want to lose a few hundred customers to the competition. All mostly solid scenarios — except why would you stay in 1/4th of a shipping container when there are undoubtedly other hotels that aren't overbooked? Where are we talking about, here? I want to understand their logic, I do... [GizMag]

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