Foot For Foot, Apple Stores Rake In 17x More Cash Than Other Retail Outlets

We all know Apple stores are wildly successful. But how successful? When comparing the revenue-per-square-foot of Apple's retail hub to any other business, Apple generates more cash from sales by an average factor of 17.

According to Asymco, $US300 per square foot is considered good for a US retailer. The average retailer brings in $US341 per square foot. Apple? Try $US6000 per square foot. That's twice as much as the next best retailer. And you wonder why they're the world's most valuable company.

(Oz note: The Asymco data was US-only. There aren't equivalent figures for Apple's local presence, and most of the recent per-square-metre figures we have reflect stores in shopping centres, not standalone retailers. It would be interesting to know how Apple's numbers compare in each area, but we're not holding our breath waiting for Tim Cook to email us the numbers.)

[Asymco via Cult of Mac]



    Considering Apple routinely screw over their retail partners, I'm not surprised in the least. They say they'll provide more stock if you sell it, but we routinely sell through everything and then are left with shut all for weeks on end. Fuck Apple.

      Dude that's exactly what I was thinking. They say apple care ratio will get ur stock too and we sit about 80% and nada...

    what about meter by meter

    US Statistics? Why so much repost from

    Is it just me, or is $6000 per sq foot more than $341 per square foot. More like 17.6 times....

    Probably not that surprising given computers are probably one of the more expensive items many households would buy on a semi regular basis (I imagine most people replace their iPad, Laptop etc more often than they do a sofa, fridge or even their TV).

    Given in the US the stores seem to be at pretty busy and iconic locations in many cases, and the fact other retailers really can't offer prices much below Apples own prices, it's not that surprising Apples own stores make a lot of dough.

    Would be interesting to see how AU stores fare. While I could never really be bothered going out to Chermside when I lived in Brisbane, the one or two times I made it there the store did look busy.

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