Exploding 40,000 Rockets At Once Is As Loud And Wonderful As You Think

Artist Cai Guo-Qiang must have been one of those kids that loved to play with matches. And after surviving what we assume was a dangerous childhood, he has since embraced fire and explosions as an artform. Including this latest 'performance' involving 40,000 small rockets blasting off a wall.

We've covered Guo-Qiang's work before, including his daytime fireworks and gunpowder paintings. But this stunt, which took place at the at the Geffen Contemporary at Museuem of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, has more of a traditional fireworks show feel to it. Except that it's over in mere seconds, and it happens at ground level in a parking lot. No one ever said that art was supposed to be safe. [YouTube via MyModernMet]

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