Everything You Need To Survive Those Autumn Showers

True story: You walk out on your lunch break, and it's freaking gorgeous outside. The most perfect day. You feel magnificent. You'll walk to lunch, you decide. You'll take a nice little stroll for a few minutes. Why not? You deserve it! Then everything goes to goddamn hell. Yep, rain.

Image: Losevsky Pavel/Shutterstock.com

Blunt Umbrella

Oh good: It's raining and you actually have your umbrella on you. Too bad your umbrella sucks. It inverts with the slightest gust of wind and pokes out the eyes of fellow pedestrians. The Blunt Umbrella's rounded corners not only give it more support so it doesn't turn inside out, it also keeps you from impaling people while you're running down the street. $US70.

Davek Mini Umbrella

It's not the times when you're prepared that the rain sucks — it's when you weren't expecting it. The Davek Mini weighs under a pound and breaks down to just seven inches in length. Keep this collapsable umbrella in your bag and never be left unprepared again. $US50.

Quality Rain Gear

Unfortunately, the rain jacket that turns into a full-body umbrella suit doesn't really exist, but you'll never regret spending $US100 on a waterproof North Face shell. Sure, there's cheaper ponchos and plenty of expensive hardcore rain gear out there, but for the money you'll never regret one of these. In fact, they produce so many North Face shells that they're usually being blown-out somewhere. Suit up. $US80-$US110.

Cloud Types App

You have a very nature-savvy friend who walks outside, looks at the sky and says, "Oh gee, looks like rain." He is full of shit. He has no idea. He checked the Weather Channel before he walked outside. But you don't have to be ignorant. What if you could actually walk outside look at the partly sunny sky and know that it's about to rain. Learn your cloud types, and keep this handy reference app at hand. $0.99.

The L.L. Bean Boot

For stomping around in the rain, there's nothing like a classic to keep your feet dry. This is the unofficial boot of Gizmodo, $US100.

Thule Crossover 25L Bag

If you're wandering outside in the city with a leather briefcase or some Army surplus canvas sack, you — and your laptop — are going to regret it. Most messenger bags are water-resistant, if not entirely waterproof, but for something that doesn't scream cycle-crazy-sociopath, try out one of these badass Thule bags. It's ergonomically designed, extremely water-resistant, and made out of a reflective material that'll make you visible to the rain-blinded motorist. $US100.

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